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Is this the real "Stuttering John"?




Ok, I am also a stutterer and I was reading your tips on how to control it, and you said in one of those, in your mind put on a character, and that is what I did and its basically gone, and I just wanted to say Thank you for your tips.. I hope you add more to the list.


That's so great! which character did you do?


I had a bunch of them, I just thought of some actors and then I just in my mind pretended to talk like them, and i noticed the shaking was gone and i could speak more freely, I did Alec Baldwin, because as u know he talks low and soft, Steve martin because he is just fluent on everything...


I'm so happy for you


I like you, I am sure u have been through speech classes and none of them worked, it was like they were a bunch of quacks, so then I got into your blog and your site, found those and decided what the hell. I have been stuttering since i was about 8


Now that I think of it.. you know who else talks low as hell, Clint Eastwood..

If you ever want you can add my name to your site for the tips.. and I will say that they do work...


Well, good for you, those things have worked for me as well, then as soon as you start speaking better, the confidence goes up, adding to the stutter less speech.




Sure I'll also put up this chat if it's okay with you David.


100% yes... I will do that.. and congrats with Leno.. you’re going to do fantastic!


Thank you.


Your welcome!


I just sent the email

The subject is per our convo on facebook


Thank you


:-):-) And thank you for defending everyone with this issue.


No problem, albeit we can walk, but stuttering is an awful thing to deal with especially when you are younger.


Yes... everyone looks at you as if you have a disease and all it is, your vocal cords freeze up due to nerves, trying to hurry with what you’re going to say... you just have to give stutters time to speak, and it will come out. and people without don’t understand what it is like not to be able to say a word example "hello john" for 5 minutes.


Especially your name, that was the worst.


Oh my god.. to be honest.. it’s still hard to me to say my last name.. I have to spell it when i talk to someone on the phone. and another thing.. I don’t know if you ever felt this, but when you are speaking you feel as if the world is just staring at you waiting for you to fuck up, so they can make a huge joke of it.