You can email me at I read every email & if I can't understand the big words, my 6 year old reads it to me! I enjoy getting all the e-mails, even the negative ones. Tell me what you think, ask me anything. I respond to everyone. Except for the ones from my accountant!

Booking Agent:


I am your absolute biggest fan (I prefer supporter, as 'fan' can sometimes carry a negative connotation). I have had a very difficult upbringing and whenever I feel helpless or alone I think about how you have inspired me. Your life story has encouraged to look at myself in a different light. Instead of seeing all the negative attributes, I look at myself and say "I can be whatever I want to be". I look at all the success you have had and the life you carved out for yourself and truly feel you have encouraged me to better myself in a number of ways.You have gotten me through some of the toughest times anyone could imagine. I would not wish my upbringing on anyone. I find it funny how someone that you don't even know personally can have such a positive affect on your life. I guess that's what role models are for. For that I want to say, Thank You. All of my friends wonder why I admire you so much, but they just don't understand how much you affected me in such a positive way. When I found your email address I was thrilled that I could actually come in contact with you. I realize how busy you are, but I would deeply appreciate a response from you with some further words of encouragement. Would it be out of line to ask for an autograph or picture of yours? Best of luck to you in the upcoming year! Wish you all the best!

Again, Thank you for all you have done for me.

Best Regards,

Stephen M.
Prospect, Ct